Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Do I Spend My Day?

Considering that, a few months ago, I spent 10-12 hours a day away from home, you might wonder what I do all day.
I spend the hour I used to commute in the morning at the gym. First, I gradually increased the number of days a week. Now I go 6 days a week. Now I am working towards being able to work out on the elliptical for the full hour every day. Then I want to replace half an hour every other day with weights.
I spend the hour I used to commute in the evening working outside. My flower beds in the front look pretty good. The herbs by the garage are ready for cooking when Mike comes home. The patio is now a welcoming place to sit and relax over dinner instead of a garbage dump. The vegetables are doing well (despite the melon-loving bugs) and I harvested some pea pods for our salad last night.
I spend the nine hours I used to work for the library in doing stuff that I enjoy: playing with photos, making art and jewelry. I am really spending most of the time catching up on all the chores I have been unable to do for the last five years. And trying to maintain order in the craft room. All the stuff I brought home from the library has been waiting for a new home. Those long-postponed chores, like Wu family photos and slides as well as our own photos and memorabilia, are taking a lot of space.
I think it'll be another month or so until I feel ready to "start" working.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Crop

Fresh picked at noon and very yummy. I also planted another melon (since the bugs are especially fond of my melons), a cherry tomato and some majoram. That's REAL food, my friend!

I have been working hard on Wu family photos and designing a web page for the Rainbow Women's Chorus until my arm hurts. Yhis is one of my favorite photos. It's Chris's brother Bill probably around 1956.

I am trying to get my craft room / studio cleaned up so I can work. These pictures have been calling my name for years.  I have also been scanning some pictures from when Michael was a baby.  It makes me realize how lucky we wereand still are. He was a funny and energetic baby and has grown into a wonderful man.